"Fiat justitia, ruat caelum"
Let justice be done, though the heavens fall

LetVolusiaVote.Com Request Signatures For Their Vehicular Beach Access Petition

Public Attendance Welcomed

Seventh JNC
Telephonically Convening
September 10, 2014 @ 10 a.m.

Public Attendance Welcomed
JNC Convening
September 24-25, 2014
Thirty-One Apply
For Judicial Appointment

VCSO Opens New
District 3 Substation

Governor Scott Appoints
David Hood
To Circuit Court Bench

Read Press Release

Seventh Judicial
Nominating Commission
Forwards Six Nominees
To Governor Scott

The Governor Will Select
One Of These Nominees
To Replace Retiring
Circuit Court Judge David B. Beck.
Video Interviews Available For Review

Twenty-Eight Apply
To Replace Retiring
Circuit Court Judge David B. Beck

Judicial Nominating Commission To Interview Applicants On April 30th And
May 1st 2014 In Daytona Beach.

Albuquerque Police
Shoots / Kills Homeless Man

Albuquerque Police Under
New Shooting Scrutiny

UPDATE: February 13, 2014
Autopsy Report Now Available

The Quiet Death Of
William Styffe, 33
Jail Inmate Dies Seven Weeks
After Attempted Suicide

Is This Death Yet Another Example Of
The Failures Of Statewide Jail Standards?
Are Staffing Levels Part Of The Problem?

VCSO Requests Public's Help In Locating Murder Suspect

Washington State Sheriff Fires
Cop For Threatening To Arrest
Journalist Taking Photo Of Him

Governor Scott Appoints
Attorney Dawn Nichols To
The 7th Circuit Court Bench

Dawn D. Nichols'
December 2013
JNC Interview

Seventh Judicial
Nominating Commission
Forwards Six Nominees
To Governor Scott

The Governor Will Select
One Of These Nominees
To Replace Retiring
Circuit Court Judge Hubert L. Grimes
Video Interviews Available For Review

Play the above video - and then decide for yourself.


Sheriff Johnson claiming that
he does not drink.
(October 2012)


The Suspicious Death Of
Michelle O'Connell

Did A Florida Deputy Get Away With Murder, Or Was Justice Served?

The In-Custody Death of
Dennis Dellechiaie

Yet Another Jail Death Goes Under-Investigated

Volusia Sheriff Department's
Internal Investigation
Sustains Charges Against
Former Telecommunicator

Resignation Letter and IA Report Available

Criminal Prosecution Continues

Brevard Deputy Reprimanded
Regarding Arrest Of Photojournalist.

Internal Affairs Investigative Report Available For Review.

Is A Law Enforcement Certification,
A License To Rape, Murder And Pillage ?

Are Local Law Enforcement Agencies Failing To Properly Self Investigate Themselves?

Volusia Sheriff Department
Helicopter Pilot Reprimanded.

Is The VCSO Providing Joy Rides On Air One?

Check Out
Our NEW Internal Investigations Page

Will Be Updated Monthly With
Recently Closed Internal Investigative Reports.

Florida Model Jail Standards On Trial
An In Depth Look At Why FMJS Are Failing The Citizens Of Florida

One Central Florida Woman's Incarceration Experience At The Brevard County Jail
Should The Regulations And Mandates Of Florida Administrative Code 33-8 Be Re-Instituted?

UPDATED November 22, 2013
Read Sheriff Johnson's Termination Letter

Volusia County Sheriff Deputy Arrested For DUI.
Additional Charge Of Child Neglect Filed

5th DCA Judicial Nominating Commission
Forwards Six Judicial Nominees
To Governor Scott

Click here to review interview videos

Friends & Family Rally In Support Of Justice For Michelle O'Connell
Family Is Now Represented By High Profile Attorney, Benjamin Crump

Democracy Short Circuited?
Daytona Beach City Commission Candidate
Steven Miller Expresses Additional
Conflict Of Interest Concerns

Law Enforcement's Disdain
For The 4th Amendment.

Police K-9s:
Are They Simply A Way For The Police To Circumvent The 4th Amendment?

Should Deputy Barney Fife Have A Tank?
Volusia Beach Patrol - A.K.A. - Beach Safety Ocean Rescue - Has Been Banned From Receiving Military Equipment.

The Karma Chameleon Of The
Volusia County Justice System

Do Conflicts Of Interest Thrive
Within The Seventh Judicial Circuit?

Rememberance Rally for
Michelle O'Connell

Sept 2 2014 @ 11 am.
4010 Lewis Speedway, St. Augustine, Fl
across from the St Johns County Sheriffs Office.

Police Officers, Their Guns, And The Women They Allegedly Love
Has The Local State Attorney's Office Failed To Properly Investigate These Shootings?

The Lustful Badges Of
Florida Law Enforcement

Florida Law Enforcement Officers Arrested And
Charged With Engaging In Sexual Relationships With Minors

Why Judge John C. Murphy Must Be Removed From Office.
OUR OPINION: The Integrity Of The Brevard Justice System Depends On It.

Son Of Ormond Beach Police Chief Arrested By VCSO
Christopher Osterkamp Charged With DUI

Judicial Candidate Responds
To Reader's Editorial

Judicial Candidate Steven Delaroche Responds To Former Chief Judge John J. Upchurch's Statement
The Views Expressed In The Above Reader's Editorial Are Not Necessarily The Views Of VolusiaExposed.Com

A Reader's Editorial
Judicial Integrity Is Everything

Former Chief Judge John J. Upchurch Speaks Out
Regarding Judicial Ethics
And The Pending Elections

The Views Expressed In The Above Reader's Editorial Are Not Necessarily The Views Of VolusiaExposed.Com

Warning !! - Complaining While
Black = Arrest .... apparently, at least in
St. John's County, Florida.

Gloria Simmons Arrest Incident
Does The Police Surveillance Video Support The Arrest Reports?
Is This Part Of A Larger Problem Facing The Entire Country?

Once, Twice, Three Times A Reprimand.
Sgt. Ken Vickery Resigns From The VCSO After Third Alcohol Related Misconduct Incident.
Did VCSO Officials Fail To Properly
Report This Incident To State Officials?

UPDATED August 7, 2014
Volusia County Promises Future Release
Of Jail Surveillance Videos
VolusiaExposed Removes Jail Schematics
Volusia County Jail Claims Alleged
Statutory Exemption To VolusiaExposed's
Public Record Request For Jail Video

VSCO Sgt. Ken Vickery Resigns While Under Investigation For Misconduct
VolusiaExposed Intends To Expose This Incident Further. Is It Standard Practice For Port Orange PD To Drive Suspected Intoxicated Drivers Home?
Click Now To Read
The VCSO Internal Investigative Report

Volusia County Jail Officer Fired
For Falsifying Reports
Falsifying Jail Records Is Only A Policy Violation?

VCSO Investigating Possible Attempted Suicide At County Jail
Did Convicted Child Molester, Chad Spears Attempt To Kill Himself?

Volusia Beach Patrol Officer
Suspended Under Allegations
Of Threatening A Citizen
Is This Yet Another Moral Character Violation
That Went Unreported To State Officials?

FDLE's Failures To Properly Process Allegations Of Police Officer Misconduct
Enforcing The Law By Breaking The Law

The People's Court
Vote On August 26, 2014
A Rare Event In Volusia County
A Judge Selected By The Voters

Are Our Concerns Regarding Judge M. Hudson, Really Just Nonsense?

Perceived Conflicts Of Interest - Judge Margaret Hudson

Reward - Recycle - Re-Use?

Former Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee Has Been Hired As A Special Agent With The FDLE

Chief Lee Was Fired In 2012, Due To His Alleged Mishandling Of The Trayvon Martin Shooting

Daytona Beach Police Officer
Arrested For DUI

DBPD Officer Shawna Hamel Arrested For DUI
Read Arrest Report

The Termination Of Holly Hill
Police Officer Gary Ward

Did HHPD And FDLE Properly Process The Misconduct Allegations Against Ofc. Ward?

Confrontation In The Court Room
The Judge John C. Murphy Incident

What Really Sparked The Argument Between A Judge And A Public Defender?

Falsification Allegations Not Sustained Against VCSO Sergeant
Read Sgt. Wingard's IA Investigation

Former Brevard County Deputy Arrested For Rapes
Story Is Contributed By BrevardsBestNews.Com
VolusiaExposed.Com's Earlier Article

Florida !
The Rules Are Different Here !
Judicial Conflicts Of Interest Allegations Continue To Haunt Judge Margaret Hudson
VolusiaExposed Addresses Chief Judge Perkins' Assurances

The Thin Blue Line Exposed?
Ofc. Charles Geiger's Misconduct

Volusia Deputy Involved In Road Rage Incident With Juvenile Female
Criminal And Internal Investigations Are On-Going

Daytona Beach PD Sustains Misconduct Charges Against Two Of Their Officers.
Allegations Included - Excessive Use Of Force
And Falsification Of Reports.
Click Below Image To View Media Article

Does Judge Margaret Hudson Suffer From Judicial Conflicts Of Interest?
At Least Two Criminal Defendants Think So.
Read What Two Criminal Defendants
Sent To VolusiaExposed.Com


Collier County Deputy Fired For Abusing Driver's License Database.

Tennessee Deputy Fired After Caught on Camera Choking Student into Unconsciousness

Failures Of The Fusion Fuzz
U.S. Senate Determined Them To Be An Endangerment To Your Civil Liberties.
Since When Is The U.S. Bill Of Rights
A Terrorist Manifesto?

Judicial Conflicts Of Interest
Does Circuit Court Judge Margaret W. Hudson Suffer From This Dilemma?
Is This How The Volusia County
Justice System Operates?

Local Judge Refuses To Recuse
Himself From Rape Case
Defense Attorney Alleges That
Judge Has An Axe To Grind.

Are Florida Model Jail Standards
Failing The Citizens Of Florida?
Are The Problems At The Gulf County Jail Indicative Of The Importance Of Having Enforcement Statewide Jail Standards?

Volusia County Criminal Justice System
Is Preferential Treatment Given To The Influential?
The Debra Bass Plea Deal

Flash Back To 2009
Volusia County Sheriff Deputy Suspended For Making Racial Statements.
Our Newest Brady Cop

Additional Charges Of Child Porn Filed
Against Volusia Corrections Officer
Arrest Reports / And Supportive Documents
Now Available For Review

Bunnell PD FaceBook Sex Scandal
Bunnell Police Supervisor Arrested
On Charges Of Child Porn And Exploitation
Welcome To The Jungle

The Kathy MacDonald Shooting
Why Hasn't State Attorney R.J. Larizza Requested A Recusal From The Governor?

Florida Model Jail Standards Committee
Are They In Compliance
With Public Record Laws?
VolusiaExposed Attended And Video Recorded The March 14, 2014 FMJS Meeting

Ocean Van Mom Kept Naked
In Volusia Jail Cell For Seven Hours
Did County Spokesperson Provide
Conflicting Statements To The Media?

Latin King Toledo - There's More To Know
Why Will The Volusia County Sheriff Office Not Address The Media's Questions?
Our Questions And Our Opinion

Volusia County Claims Sovereign Immunity To Avoid Civil Liability In Allegations Against Deceased Deputy.
Sovereign Immunity
It's Good To Be King !!

Former Volusia County Beach Patrol Captain Fired Over Trayvon Martin Facebook Comments Sues
Volusia County Government
Read Attached Lawsuit

Florida's Legislature Wants To Wipe
The City Of Hampton Off The Map.
Is Hampton, Florida Really The
Most Corrupt City In America?

7th Circuit
Judicial Nominating Commission
Accepting Applications
Due To Judge David B. Beck's Resignation

State Senator Sponsors Bill To
Restrict Law Enforcement Access
To Prescription Drug Database.

Marion County
Sheriff Administrator
Suspended For Halting
Criminal Investigation.

Should Judge Hudson
Recuse Herself From
The Luis Toledo Murder Prosecution?

How Are Judges Assigned
To Cases In Volusia County?

JUDGE: Patients' Prescription
Histories NOT Protected
From Government Searches

The Mike Lambert Lawsuit

Volusia Deputy Suspended For
Accessing Driver's License Database

Were There Criminal Violations?

The Michael Morrison Shooting
Part 2

Does The Evidence Suggest An
Accidental Discharge?

What Does The Officers' Internal Police Files Indicate?

Judge Orders Jail To Modify Their Security Measure

Does Toledo's Attorney Have Legitimate Concerns Regarding Attorney-Client Privacy?

Our Condolences to the
Orange County Sheriff’s Department

VolusiaExposed's Newest "Brady Bunch" Cop
Deputy Andrew Oliver Fired For Untruthfulness

Why Were No Criminal Charges Filed?
Documents Available For Review

Is FDLE Failing To Defend
The United States Constitution?
Have Constitutional Violations By Law Enforcement Officers Been Relegated To Mere Policy Violations?


Was The FDLE Investigation Into The Death Of Marlon Brown A Mere "Shuck And Jive"?
FDLE Finds No Wrong Doing By Medical Examiner
County States That FDLE's Findings Vindicates Them

Lake County Deputy Charged
With Sexual Battery To Be Fired

Polk County Deputy Arrested For
Propositioning Arrested Women.

Updated January 24, 2014
Orange City police’s No. 2 demoted for relationship with subordinate animal control officer
Did OCPD violate state law and procedures by NOT formally investigating the allegations?

Internal Affairs Investigative Report Available For Review.


Ormond Beach Police Sergeant Terminated
For Lying Under Oath

Internal Affairs Investigative Report Available For Review.

Allegations of Domestic Violence and Untruthfulness Are Lodged Against A
Ormond Beach Police Sergeant.

Internal Affairs Investigative Report Available For Review.


Flagler Deputy Sheriff Alters Search Warrant
VolusiaExposed Requests That FDLE Investigate

Halifax Shooting Suspect Attempted
Sexual Assaults On Nursing Staff.
Nurse Struggles With Gun Man Over
Shot Gun Prior To Deadly Discharge.

Click To Review Official Police Report

Marion County Deputy Arrested
For Slamming DUI Suspect's Head Into Wall

Video Available For Review

Grand Jury Critical Of LakeLand PD
FDLE Where Art Thou?

Baton Rouge Cop Resigns
After Making Racial Texts

Attempts To Explain In-Custody Death

Five Marion County Deputies Suspended

Two Fruitland Park officers off the job following FBI investigation into alleged KKK involvement

Georgia Police Officer
Arrested In Road Rage Incident

Allegations Include Spitting On a Woman
And Using Racial Slurs

How A Similar Incident Was Handled In Volusia County
Volusia Deputy Involved In Road Rage Incident With Juvenile Female
Criminal And Internal Investigations Are On-Going

Clay County Sheriff Department
Stuck On Stupid

Florida Sheriff Department Arrested
The Wrong Woman - TWICE !

Indiana County Jail
Lawsuit Pending

Woman Stripped And Pepper Sprayed
Left In Segregation Cell For Hours

Former Florida judge disbarred after
lying about personal relationship
with prosecutor

This Scandal Caused A Murder Conviction
To Be Vacated

Death In Paradise
Allegations Of Police Misconduct
And A FDLE Cover-Up

Is Florida Refusing
To Comply With PREA?

Click Image To
View Media Article


Broward judge arrested for DUI after crashing into BSO unit
Click Image To
View Media Article


Allegations Of Sex On Duty By Two Seminole County Sheriff Deputies
Click Image To
View Media Article

Sheriff's Office Internal Report Now Available
Records Are Courtesy of SeminoleWatch.Com


Click Image To
View Media Article

Join Us
In Signing The Petition To Have
Michelle O'Connell's Death
Further Investigated.


The Suspicious Death Of
Michelle O'Connell

Did A Florida Deputy Get Away With Murder, Or Was Justice Served?

Jeff Frazier - SeminoleWatch.Com
Exposing Questionable Practices
At The Sanford Airport


Hernando Deputy Arrested On Battery, False Imprisonment Charges.

North Port Police
"Sex Party" Turns Deadly
Did The Sarasota County Sheriff Department Illegally Redact Information From Public Records?

Condolences to Another Fallen Officer
Windermere P.D. Officer Robert German

Volusia Corrections officer
accused of downloading child porn
holds young child hostage

WFTV - Channel 9
Video Report

VolusiaExposed Is Currently Attempting To Secure Public Records On This Developing Situation



Volusia Judge Denies Motions To Release
Luis Toledo From Jail And / Or His Transfer To
The Seminole County Jail
Judge Does Order Jail To Modify Their Security Measures

Seminole County Circuit Court
Judge Linda D. Schoonover Is Under Fire,
Accused Of Letting Facebook Sway Her Rulings

Michigan Police Officer Terminated
For Cutting Woman's Hair Weave

Alabama Women's Prison Investigated
Sexual Coercion By Prison Staff

Read DOJ Investigative Report


Click Image To Read Article