The Desarea Clark - 911 abuse - arrest incident

Was the real reason for Ms. Clark's arrest a retaliatory action by the deputy, due to
Ms. Clark's criticism of the deputy's investigative performance in locating her stolen wallet?

VolusiaExposed has discovered that regardless of whether Ms. Clark had dialed 911 or the NON-emergency number - she would have spoken to a 911 operator.

Should a young women's future be tarnished with an arrest history, merely due to her desire to have her wallet recovered?

Does the VCSO have a rather long documented history of equating criticism of their agency, as a hostile act?

October 8, 2012
"If you call the police and I lose my job, I will hunt you down and kill you." - VCSO Deputy Michael Sawicki

Never, and we mean NEVER - get between
a woman and her child, or her money !
She will always see this as an emergency, and will respond accordingly.

Recently (October 2012), DeLand resident Desarea Clark had her wallet stolen from her apartment.

Even though Ms. Clark had knowledge of who stole her wallet, she appropriately called the Volusia County Sheriff Department (VCSO), in the hopes that they (VCSO) would properly handle the theft, and recover her wallet.

However, it was Ms. Clark that found herself being arrested. Why? Because she felt that Volusia County Sheriff Deputy Scott Gering was not properly investigating the theft of her wallet. (The deputy eventually located Ms. Clark's wallet, exactly where she insisted it was - but only after taking her to jail)

Deputy Gering arrested Ms. Clark because of her 911 call to complain about his (Deputy Gering's) alleged failures. We invite you to listen to the 911 call - the 911 operator never states that her use of the 911 system was inappropriate or illegal. Ms. Clark requested that the 911 operator have a law enforcement supervisor report to the scene, and the 911 operator states that he would comply with her request. How is this a violation of Florida Statute 365.172(13), as charged in Deputy Gering's arrest report?

Desarea Clark's arrest report

Florida Statute 365.172(13)

Florida Statutes 365.172 COMPLETE

VCSO's failed practice of routing calls
Further, VolusiaExposed has discovered, that regardless whether Ms. Clark had dialed 911 or the VCSO's DeLand NON-Emergency telephone number (386-736-5999 then when verbally prompted - Press 1), her call would have been answered by Volusia County 911 operators. VolusiaExposed.Com confirmed this fact in an email exchange with Volusia County Sheriff Public Information Officer, Gary Davidson.

Email from VCSO Public Information Officer, Gary Davidson


Mr. Davidson also, in another email exchange, verified that all calls (911 and NON-emergency) that are received at the VCSO 911 communication center are recorded.

Mr. Davidson clarified that Ms. Clark's arrest was due to her tying up a E-911 phone line, and not because she tied up a 911 operator with her alleged non-emergency request for assistance. But in truth, what is the difference, logic dictates that if a 911 operator is engaged in answering a non-emergency line (386-736-5999), then he or she can not be answering an E-911 line. Right?

Desarea Clark


Desarea Clark's arrest report

Desarea Clark's jail booking information


Orlando Sentinel article covering Ms. Clark's arrest

WESH.com's article regarding Ms. Clark's arrest

Listen to Desarea Clark's 911 call


We highly suspect that this is the rationale as to why the 911 operator did not advise Ms. Clark that her call was inappropriate. The operator knew her request for a supervisor was within his responsibilities, whether that request came because someone dialed 911 or 386-736-5999. What was the 911 operator going to tell Ms. Clark - "Miss, this is 911, if you need non-emergency assistance, please call 386-736-5999" - then hang up with her and pick up the next call, and you guess it, it's Ms. Clark again, with the same request, but this time on the non-emergency line? How asinine would that be?

VCSO's other arrests involving alleged abuse of the 911 system
VolusiaExposed did a rather quick Internet search for other people arrested by the Volusia County Sheriff's department for misuse of their E-911 communication system.

In 2012, Mark Welch called VCSO 911 SEVERAL times apparently demanding that the VCSO investigate one of his dreams. VolusiaExposed.Com will label Mr. Welch's arrest as appropriate.

In 2010, Cynthia Colston's manicurist apparently cut her finger nail too short - she also made SEVERAL calls to 911 demanding that her manicurist be arrested. Sound like another appropriate arrest by the VCSO.

Also, in 2010 - actually the same day that Ms. Colston's fingernails were being cut too short, Mr. Lawrence Gauthier made SEVERAL calls to the VCSO 911 communication center. Mr. Gauthier made several demands, including wanting an entire television news station arrested. Yeah, well it would appear that Mr. Gauthier's arrest was appropriate as well.

We hope that you noticed the constant variable in the arrests of Welch, Colston and Gauthier - all made SEVERAL calls to the VCSO 911 communication center, prior to being arrested. They were warned by the 911 operators that their calls were illegal usage of the 911 system. Interestingly, in Ms. Clark's incident, the 911 operator never warned her that her ONE call was allegedly illegal.

Also, you may have noticed another constant variable to the Welch, Colston and Gauthier arrests, they all were official VCSO Press Releases (see below web links - in blue area).

The Volusia County Sheriff Department must not be too proud of the Desarea Clark arrest - it never made it to the official VCSO Press Release web page. Why not?

VCSO's Press Release web page - snap shot view for October 5, 2012

VCSO Press Release Web Page

Does the VCSO have a documented history of assigning hostility to any criticism?
We suspect so, but we encourage you, the reader, to review the below listed examples and come to your own conclusions.

However, one thing is clear to us - once Deputy Gering became aware of Ms. Clark's displeasure with him, he should have contacted his supervisor for guidance, and assistance in explaining to Ms. Clark that everything was being done to recover her wallet.

Instead, it would appear, that Deputy Gering became offended by Ms. Clark's criticism and used his badge to protect himself from having a complaint put against him.

In our opinion, Ms. Clark's criticism was the catalyst for her arrest, not her alleged improper 911 call, and the fact that the above offenders have to make several 911 calls prior to being arrested by the VCSO, only goes to support our opinion.

We anticipate that the State Attorney will not prosecute this case, and Ms. Clark's next call will be to the law office of Morgan and Morgan.


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