Is A Law Enforcement Certification, A License To Rape, Murder And Pillage ?

Are Local Central Florida Law Enforcement Agencies Failing To Self Investigate Themselves ?

FDLE Where Art Thou ?

Maybe It's Time To Be Dialing 1-800-CALL-FBI ?

December 16, 2013
"Police throughout the United States have been caught fabricating, planting, and manipulating evidence to obtain convictions where cases would otherwise be very weak. Some authorities regard police perjury as so rampant that it can be considered a "subcultural norm rather than an individual aberration" of police officers."
Dale Carpenter - Flagrant Conduct: The Story Of Lawrence v. Texas

Giving Credit,
Where Credit Is Due !

Brevard County, Florida is extremely lucky to have Dana Loyd and her publication, BrevardsBestNews.Com.

BrevardsBestNews has been responsible for rooting out corruption in several Brevard County law enforcement agencies, to include, but not limited to the Brevard Sheriff Department, Titusville PD, and West Melbourne PD.

Apparently, Palm Bay PD, Melbourne Village PD and the Brevard County Sheriff Department better start preparing themselves for some hard questions from the likes of Chief Editor, Dana Loyd.

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While Dana Loyd's above linked article did an excellent job exposing possible corruption within the Brevard County law enforcement community - VolusiaExposed will continue to explore, within this article, whether this type of law enforcement corruption is prevalent within the entire Central Florida area.

Deputy / Officer Ryan Pill
A Hard Pill To Swallow?

The Palm Bay PD
Rape Investigation

Ryan Pill is the son of BCSO Deputy Barbara Pill. Deputy Barbara Pill was gunned down while on duty in March 2012.

According to a 2011 forty six page investigative report by the Palm Bay PD, - Melbourne Village Police Officer, Ryan Pill was suspected of sexually assaulting a young woman.

While the investigative report appears to indicate, that Officer Pill admitted to the sexual assault during a law enforcement, supervised, control telephone call with the alleged victim, the Palm Bay PD made no arrest.(pages 17-18 of report)

Instead of making an arrest, the PBPD merely filed an informational report with the State Attorney's office, who in turned drafted a no prosecution notice.
It's a MUST READ document !
Palm Bay P.D. Sexual Assault Allegations
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The Entire 46 Page Report

Scroll Down To Review
Four Pages Of The Report

VolusiaExposed reached out via email to the Melbourne Village PD regarding any internal investigation they conducted into the 2011 sexual assault allegations.

In regards to our request for public record, Melbourne Village Police Chief Jack King, was compliant with Florida public record laws (Florida Chapter 119), and provided us with the 2011 internal affairs investigation conducted on Officer Ryan Pill regarding the sexual assault allegations.

Chief King had requested that the Melbourne PD (rather than Melbourne Village PD) conduct the Officer Pill internal affair investigation. Based on the fact that both Chief King and Sgt. Wheeler were witnesses in the Pill criminal investigation, we agree with Chief King's decision to transfer the internal investigation to another law enforcement agency.

However, we do question the rationale / findings of the Melbourne PD internal investigation. In our opinion, the admissions apparently made by Officer Pill during the control phone call (supervised by the Palm Bay PD), to the alleged sexual assault victim, should have been enough to sustain administrative charges against Officer Pill. Per Florida law, these sustained administrative charges would have mandated a report to the Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission (CJSTC), resulting in a probable revocation of Officer Pill's law enforcement certification.

Back In The Limelight....Again !!
Other Similar Allegations Against Officer Ryan Pill?

Shortly after Officer Pill was cleared of the 2011 sexual assault allegations, he left the Melbourne Village PD, and returned to his former employer, the Brevard County Sheriff Department. Apparently, these sexual assault allegations were not of great concern to the BCSO background investigators. Then again, Ryan was the son of, now deceased, BCSO Deputy Barbara Pill - and Ryan's brother was also a deputy within the BCSO.

VolusiaExposed has been advised, through confidential sources, that shortly after Deputy Ryan Pill's 2012 return to the BCSO, similar additional allegations were lodged against him. VolusiaExposed sent a public record request via email to the BCSO requesting any 2012-2013 allegations and / or internal investigations regarding Deputy Ryan Pill.

On December 13, 2013 - VolusiaExposed was advised within a BCSO invoice , that 114 pages of internal affair records were available regarding former Deputy Ryan Pill. VolusiaExposed.Com is currently working on securing the executive summaries attached to these internal investigation(s).

It is our intention, should these records prove to be of community interest - to post them in a separate article, focused primarily on those allegations / investigation(s). Standby to standby ... we will let you know what we find out.

VolusiaExposed has some possible conflict of interest concerns regarding how the Brevard County Sheriff Department processes their internal investigations and their requests for public records. These concerns are similar in nature, as discuss in this Examiner.Com article regarding the BCSO.

VolusiaExposed intentions were to make these BCSO records available within this article - however, due to BCSO rather slow process of producing public records - we have opted to make these records available within this article, as a update, upon their receipt from the BCSO.

Will The Deputy Barbara Pill
Murder Trials Be Negatively Affected?

Did Officer / Deputy Ryan Pill Receive Special Treatment?
Is Special Treatment Possible In The Murder Trials?

We (VolusiaExposed) invite our readers to review the above investigation(s) into Officer / Deputy Ryan Pill's alleged criminal behaviors.

Do you suspect that he received special treatment in the disposition of those allegations?

If so, in your opinion, which agencies gave him special treatment - Melbourne Village PD, Melbourne PD, Palm Bay PD, Brevard Sheriff Department, State Attorney's Office?

Well, then - let's move on - if there are some agencies willing to ignore the possible criminal conduct of Officer / Deputy Ryan Pill, would these same agencies be willing to withhold possible exculpatory evidence regarding the two suspects charged in the murder of Ryan Pill's mother, former BCSO Deputy Barbara Pill? (With particular attention being focused on Ms. Kerchner )

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So what are we saying - that Brandon Bradley and Andria Kerchner are not guilty of murdering Deputy Barbara Pill?

No - what we are saying is that guilt or innocence, at least in this country, is still determined in a court of law.

Obviously, there was enough probable cause to charge both Bradley and Kerchner with criminal charges - but ask yourself this - was there enough probable cause in the Ryan Pill allegations for criminal charges to also be filed? Remember, the same agencies, to include the State Attorney's office, were the decision makers regarding the filing of criminal charges in all three cases (Bradley, Kerchner and Ofc. / Deputy Ryan Pill).

Florida Law Enforcement Corruption Exceeds County Borders
The Suspicious Death Of Michelle O'Connell

Justice Is Not Always Guaranteed !
Do Some Criminal Justice Practitioners Support Giving Lady Justice A Helping Hand Balancing Out Her Scales Of Justice?

Given some recent high profile criminal verdicts, many individuals (and agencies) have apparently lost some faith in obtaining justice solely within the courtroom. Criminal justice practitioners are not exempt in this loss of faith within the local criminal justice system.

Locally (Central Florida), some criminal justice practitioners have even lost faith with each other. Such can be clearly seen in the criminal investigation of St. John's County Sheriff Deputy Jeremy Banks.

On September 2, 2010 - Michelle O'Connell, a 24 year old, single mother of one, was discovered in a St. Augustine bedroom, dying from a single gun shot wound to her head.

Ms. O'Connell was the girl friend of SJCSO Deputy Jeremy Banks. Ms. O'Connell had been shot with Deputy Banks duty weapon.

A Death In Saint Augustine
A Scandal Within The SJCSO

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The St. John's County Sheriff Department would quickly rule that Ms. O'Connell's death was a suicide. However, two agents from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) would suspect that Ms. O'Connell's death was a homicide, with Deputy Banks being a "person of interest" in their investigation. (Deputy Banks and O'Connell were home alone during the shooting incident)

The difference in opinion (suicide / murder) between the SJCSO and FDLE has caused a major rift between the two departments.

St. John's Sheriff, David Shoar has developed a complete webpage , with supportive documents, to forward / support his defense of Deputy Jeremy Banks.

The ensuing scandal has not only been the focus of a New York Times article , as well as a PBS video documentary , but has generated some civil suits and internal investigations within both the SCJSO and FDLE.

So given that in the O'Connell matter, the SJCSO and FDLE are questioning each others' investigative techniques and / or veracities - is it at all improper for citizens (ie - VolusiaExposed.Com) to question the handling of the allegations that surround Deputy Ryan Pill?

We think not - how about you?

There Should Be A Law
Of How To Investigate Police Officers !!

Oh, Wait....There Already is !

Are Florida State Statutes And
FDLE / CJSTC Regulations Being Ignored?

Florida Does Have
Law Enforcement
Moral Character Standards

Will Someone Kindly Enforce These Standards?

Earlier this year, VolusiaExposed ran the attached (see right of page) article of how we suspected that the Volusia County Sheriff Department was NOT following Florida's Law Enforcement Moral Character Standards.

These standards are CRUCIAL in maintaining the credibility of both pre-employment and misconduct investigations within Florida's law enforcement agencies.

These standards are developed and enforced by a subsection of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement , known as the Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission.

The main components of these standards can be found in Florida Statute 943.13 and Florida Administrative Code 11B-27.0011.

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Florida Statute 943.1395 requires law enforcement agencies to investigate suspected violations of the above moral character standards. The problem is that many law enforcement agencies fail to honor the laws governing the investigation and reporting of police officer corruption / misconduct allegations, absent some encouragement from concerned citizens, like those here at VolusiaExposed.Com and BrevardsBestNews.Com.

A case in point would be the November 2010 failure of the Volusia County Sheriff Department to immediately open an internal investigation into one of their senior staff members.

There were reasonable suspicions that a ranking deputy of the VCSO had illegally influenced / interfered with a criminal homicide investigation regarding the deputy's son.

VolusiaExposed.Com contacted the VCSO via a December 12, 2010 email , and advised them of our concerns. Initially, the VCSO was not very receptive to our concerns, however, in a December 14, 2010 email , the VCSO acknowledged that we were correct in our concerns, that Florida law regarding officer misconduct allegations were not being followed.

Fire The Bums !!
Obey Florida Laws
Don't Expect To Be A Law Enforcement Officer

In May 2012, the West Melbourne City Council voted to fire long time Police Chief, Brian Locke.

The council expressed veracity concerns regarding Chief Locke's handling of allegations of drug theft by a senior member of the WMPD.

VolusiaExposed reviewed the matter in 2012, prior to Chief Locke's termination, and we came to the opinion that Locke did NOT comply with the several reporting mandates of the Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission (CJSTC).

Ironically, Chief Locke was a serving CJSTC commissioner.

The CJSTC is to law enforcement officers, as the Florida Bar is to attorneys.

The West Melbourne City Council
Saying ADIOS To Police Chief Brian Locke

Restoring Some Faith Back Into The System
What Needs To Be Done - And Who Should Do It ?

So how do we recover from this corruption, and restore some faith back into our criminal justice system?

The answer is fairly easy, and it starts with - HEY MISTER LAW MAN - START FOLLOWING THE FREAK'IN LAW !

Our police chiefs and sheriffs need to start seriously following the corruption / misconduct laws of this state.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission need to immediately take a more PROACTIVE stance in ensuring that these laws / standards are being complied with.

Absent that - our criminal justice system will continue to deteriorate. Guilty suspects will continue to "beat the rap" because a wise attorney was able to identify yet another "Brady Cop" (a police officer with a checkered past), and innocent people will continue to be harassed, yes, even raped by officers, who only bring disgrace to the badge that they wear.

Should our police chiefs, sheriffs, state attorneys, and the FDLE continue to ignore this type of corruption, then we (VolusiaExposed) suspect it's time to call in the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI). What say you?

In our frank opinion - we support bringing in the Big Dogs (FBI).

They (FBI) appeared to have taken a very proactive approach in rooting out corruption within the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. ------>


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If you found this article to be thought provoking, we (VolusiaExposed.Com) invite you to review, the below linked, Special Investigative Report, exposing law enforcement corruption with the State of Florida.


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Volusia County Sheriff's Department

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Sex and the Badge
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VCSO deputy engaging in sexual relationship, while on duty?

VCSO deputy attempts romantic relationship with felony suspect?

VCSO deputy sexually assaults handcuffed woman.

VCSO deputy reprimanded for domestic violence arrest

VCSO Frangiamore-Carper murder-suicide incident

We look forward to your comments on this situation.
Drop us a line to let us know what you think.