Florida Elections Commission to investigate campaign finance complaint against Carl Persis

August 28, 2012
"In order to become the master, the politician poses as the servant." - Charles de Gaulle

UPDATE - AUGUST 28, 2012
Additional complaints with the Florida Elections Commission have apparently been filed against Mr. Persis.

Documents regarding additional Persis complaints

Recently, Mr. William Tavernier filed a complaint with the Florida Elections Commission, regarding concerns he has attached to Mr. Carl Persis' campaign financial reports.

Mr. Persis is currently a candidate for the Volusia County Chair, on the County Council.

On July 3, 2012 - the Florida Election Commission advised all parties that they were indeed opening an investigation into some of the allegations alleged in Mr. Tavernier's complaint.

Daytona Beach News Journal
State to investigate campaign finance complaint against Carl Persis

VolusiaExposed.Com has received and posted (see right of this web page) - both the full original complaint, along with the Florida Election Commission's notification that they will investigate.



The entire Persis complaint

Florida Elections Commission's
Notice of Investigation

VolusiaExposed.Com reached out to Mr. Tavernier for any further comments regarding his complaint.

Mr. Tavernier stated the following observations:

1. Susan Persis holds the title of Campaign Treasurer.

2. Carl Persis holds the title of Deputy Campaign Treasuer.

Therefore, any "clerical error" would apparently be directly attached to either Susan or Carl Persis.

3. The Florida Statutes allow for a civil penalty of 3 times the amount of the sustained violation.
Florida Statute 106.19

Therefore, per Mr. Tavernier, the possibility exists, that Mr. Persis could be levied a fine in excess of $100,000

VolusiaExposed.Com attempted to contact Mr. Persis for comment, but as of the posting of this article, he had not responded.
UPDATE - July 9, 2012
Early today - Mr. Persis responded to our email request for a statement - in fairness to him, we believe our readers should read his below response.

Carl Persis' email response

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