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Testifying Meets TestiLYING

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February 23, 2015
"A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on." - Winston Churchill


Recently (January-February 2015), VolusiaExposed.Com attended and video recorded the entire Ray & Wayne Greenlaw first degree murder trial in DeLand, Florida.

The entire video record of the trial has been attached within this article. (see below)

VolusiaExposed initally became interested in the Greenlaw trial last year due to the assignment of Judge Margaret Hudson.

The Volusia County Sheriff Department arrested the Greenlaw brothers in October 2011 for the shooting death of Brian Leverett. Ray Greenlaw was also arrested for the attempted homicide of Justin Riley. Ray Greenlaw struck Riley with a machette, causing him serious injury.

Our concern with Judge Hudson is the fact that her husband, Dave Hudson, is a retired ranking member of the Volusia Sheriff's Office (VCSO). Dave Hudson is now a private investigator. County email records indicated that at least one ranking county administrator, with ties to the sheriff department, referred a client to Hudson's investigative firm.

Further, Justin Riley has relatives, that have present, and past, senior management employment histories with both the State Attorney's office, and the VCSO. These concerns first came to our attention in a letter we received from Ray Greenlaw. (see attached --->)

Our concerns regarding Judge Hudson's probable conflict of interest are also attached to other criminal prosecutions, and are outlined in earlier VolusiaExposed's articles. (see below)

Article 1

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Some of our concerns regarding Judge Hudson were confirmed, due to her rather high tolerance of admitted perjured testimony, whether offered in her courtroom, or at pre-trial dispositions. We were left to wonder whether another judge, having no conflict of interest concerns, would have been as tolerant. Such is why we still believe, that Judge Hudson should avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest, like other Volusia County judges have done in the past, under similar circumstances. (Piggotte / Case)

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Ray Greenlaw's Letter To VolusiaExposed.Com

Is Florida's Stand Your Ground Law At Risk
Within The 7th Judicial Circuit ?

The Apparent Shifting Standards Of Assistant State Attorney J. Ryan Will

Welcome To Volusia County
Where A Person Can Be Committing Gun Felonies, And Still Kill In Self-Defense, But Two Brothers Protecting Their Home And Elderly Mother Can Not Claim Self-Defense.

Recently, VolusiaExposed posted several articles, highlighting some of our concerns, regarding probable prosecutorial misconduct within the Seventh Circuit's State Attorney's office.

The majority of this alleged misconduct has been attached to Assistant State Attorney J. Ryan Will, son of 7th Circuit Court Judge Joseph G. Will.


ASA J. Ryan Will was the assigned prosecutor in the Greenlaw brothers' murder trial. And while we have no direct knowledge of any prosecutorial misconduct being attached to the Greenlaw brother case - we do have some concerns regarding ASA Will's apparent shifting stance on Florida's Stand Your Ground Law (Application of Deadly Force In Self-Defense).

VolusiaExposed invites our readers to watch ASA Will in action during his opening statement in the Greenlaw brothers' trial where he clearly indicates this position, that the Greenlaws could not claim self defense, when in the earlier morning hours of October 29, 2011, after Brian Leverett and Justin Riley refused numerous verbal and gunshot warnings to leave their (Greenlaw) property, the brothers shot and killed Leverett, and seriously injured Riley.

The Greenlaw brothers stated that they were merely defending their lives, property, and elderly mother - when Leverett and Riley came on their property on two separate occasions, exhibiting a drunken hostile demeanor, while refusing to depart the property, and attempting to gain entry to their home.

An important disagreement between the prosecutor's account of what transpired on the Greenlaw property that fateful morning, and the defense's account, are the number of times Leverett and Riley arrived at the Greenlaw home. The defense's account supports that Leverett and Riley came to the house twice, and as Leverett attempted to make his way back a third time carrying a loaded shotgun, the brothers shot him in self defense.

Listen closely to ASA J Ryan Will's opening statement, whereas he desires to have the jury believe, that the Greenlaws' application of force against Leverett and Riley transpired the one, and the only time that Leverett and Riley arrived on the Greenlaw property. Then listen to VCSO Investigator Ford's testimony, he confirms that the investigative findings support the Greenlaw brothers' account - that Leverett & Riley left the property after warning, and then returned.

Prosecutor Indicates That "Victims" Riley & Leverett Went To The Greenlaw House ONLY ONCE Prior To The Greenlaws Using Force On Them

A GreenLaw Defense Attorney Presents A Case Whereas Levertt & Riley Left, And Came Back To The Greenlaw House Prior To The First Application Of Force By The Greenlaws

VCSO Investigator Ford - Contradicts Prosecutor's Theory That Riley & Leverett ONLY Went ONCE To The Greenlaw Home

Obviously our point is - that in our opinion, the Greenlaw brothers should have been protected from prosecution under Florida's Stand Your Ground law (Self-Defense).

Then again, none of us here at VolusiaExposed.Com are legal Columbos - therefore, we must rely on our common sense to advise us, that maybe we are missing something. Maybe, ASA Will is correct, and the Greenlaw brothers do not qualify for the Stand Your Ground protections.

However, even our common sense can't seem to figure out how in another un-related homicide (Donnell Ellis, Jr Article), Chauncey Gilmore, a seventeen year old juvenile, can shoot and kill Ellis, during a drug deal gone bad - and Gilmore qualifies for a self-defense waiver. Doesn't Florida law negate a self defense claim, if the subject was actively invovled in criminal activity? (see above listed Florida Statute) Gilmore was criminally convicted for crimes associated with the incident involving Ellis' shooting death. Can someone explain that to us (VolusiaExposed.Com)? We sent an email to the State Attorney's office for some clarity on that issue - but, so far, we have not received a response.

Interestingly, ASA Will was the prosecuting attorney in the Ellis shooting death. He prosecuted a man name Jerry Crew for felony murder regarding the death of Ellis.

Two things are sigificant about Crew's prosecution.

1. Ellis' mother, Westeria Harry believes Crew's to be innocent. She believes another man named Jammie Evans killed her son. However, the State Attorney's office has gone on the record with their belief, that Evans was the only person that did not commit a crime during the alleged drug incident that took Ellis' life. Evan's is currently in the Volusia County Branch Jail regarding a 2014 incident, whereas he allegedly attempted to run down a couple of police officers with his car, unrelated to the above mentioned case.

2. The Fifth District Court of Appeal found prosecutorial misconduct by ASA Will regarding Crew's trial. Crew is facing a re-trial later this year (2015). The State Attorney has reassigned ASA Will to the re-prosecution of Crew.

VolusiaExposed has posted two previous articles that better highlight the Ellis / Crew matter - we invite our readers to review those articles at the links provided below.

The Re-Trial Of Jerry Crew

Mother Seeks Justice Over Her Son's Murder

Assistant State Attorney J. Ryan Will In The Hot Seat
The Most Disturbing Allegations Against ASA Ryan Will, Are The Most Recent Ones
Allegations Of Conspiring To Commit Witness Tampering And Perjury

Last month (January 2015), VolusiaExposed posted an article that highlighted yet another instance of prosecutorial misconduct coming out of our local State Attorney Office. The 5th DCA overturned the conviction of Andre Brinson, due to sustained misconduct within the State Attorney's office.

ASA Will was NOT attached to the Brinson prosecution.

However, during our investigation, and preparation for the Brinson article, we were provided some information that suggested that ASA Ryan Will had conspired with a prosecution witness to commit perjury on the witness stand, regarding whether ASA Will and the witness had come to a plea bargain, in exchange for the witness' testimony.

These allegations involved an un-related homicide prosecution - not connected to either the Greenlaw, or Jerry Crew prosecutions.

The information that we received, stated that these new allegations involved the homicide prosecution, and conviction of James Demond Booth, for the 2011 murder of Debra Gibson 46, a Volusia County Sheriff Department drug informant.

Given that, at that particular time (January 2015), all VolusiaExposed.Com had a unsustained rumor, alleging a conspiracy involving ASA Ryan Will to have a witness commit perjury, we (VolusiaExposed) decided to present the allegations to our readership, without naming the alleged participants, in the hope that we could gain additional information, that would either prove or disprove the allegations. We have found, that VolusiaExposed.Com is well read through the local law enforcement / legal / criminal justice communities. We posted these allegations within the Brinson appeal article.


Shortly thereafter, VolusiaExposed was advised by several sources, that local defense attorney, Michael Lambert, and prosecution witness, Magean Ward, ASA Will's alleged co-conspirator had filed the attached affidavits (see scroll box - right of page). In our opinion, these affidavits appear to support the alleged conspiracy.

For more VolusiaExposed commentary regarding these allegations - see the below linked article.

Mother Seeks Justice Over Her Son's Murder
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Sworn Statements Against ASA J. Ryan Will

Our Closing Thoughts

We (VolusiaExposed) are left with alot of questions. We would normally just present these questions to the State Attorney's office, and the Volusia County Sheriff Department. But to say that VolusiaExposed.Com is currently experiencing some problems getting either agency to return our emails / phone calls would be a serious understatement. With particular attention given to the Volusia Sheriff Department. We can assure you, our readers, that there is no Lion King theme song playing in the background when we attempt to communicate with either agency. But, such is the subject for a future article.

Since, neither of these agencies (SA / VCSO) are open to addressing our questions / concerns. We thought that maybe our readers might have some of the answers to our questions. Since our readers were very helpful in exposing the now supported allegations in the Booth prosecution, we thought we would give it another go around. So here are our questions.

1. Why did 17 year old Chauncey Gilmore qualify for a self defense wavier - since he was obviously committing other crime(s) during the fatal shooting of Donnell Ellis, Jr.?

2. Given Gilmore's qualification for a self defense wavier - please explain how such does not ALSO apply to the Greenlaw brothers?

3. Are attorney, Michael Lambert's and witness, Magean Ward's affidavits accurate & correct regarding the Booth prosecution?

4. Please provide an explanation why Investigator Ford verified it as an investigative fact, that Leverette and Riley went to the Greenlaw's home on two separate occasions - but ASA Will contradicts this investigative fact to the jury?

5. Hey did anyone else notice that the Booth and Greenlaw prosecutions had something unique in common? - In the Booth prosecution - the victim, Debra Gibson, was a VCSO drug informant. In the Greenlaw prosecution, one of their victims, Justin Riley, has relatives that either currently, or had in the past worked for both the VCSO, and the State Attorney's office. Small world - right?

6. EXTRA CREDIT QUESTION (Unrelated Topic) - How many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop?

Now, our suggestion - if you maintain fire arms for self protection, and you reside within the 7th Florida Judicial Circuit, AND IF you ever find yourself in the position of having someone breaking into your home in the early morning hours, please immediately call 911 - not so much to report the person breaking into you home - but rather to verify with the 911 operator whether it could be a State Attorney / VCSO family member breaking in. Apparently, at your trial, the answer to that question will make all the difference in the world. If you have any doubts - we suggest that you make contact with either of the Greenlaw brothers - both were convicted, and sentenced to life in prison.

Justin Riley Testifies That He Has / Had Relatives Within
The Ranks Of The VCSO & State Attorney Office

Watch Riley's Complete Testimony On Day 2 - Parts 7-9
And Judge For Yourself The Credibility of the State's #1 Eyewitness Against the Greenlaw Brothers

NOW, if you are so inclined - feel free to watch the entire Greenlaw Brothers' Dog & Pony Show Trial.

Day 1 of 7

Day 2 of 7

Day 3 of 7

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Day 7 of 7



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