Was Wayne Ivey's retirement from FDLE influenced by two civilian complaints against him?

Why did FDLE refuse to investigate these complaints?

October 3, 2011
"Behavior which appears superficially correct but is intrinsically corrupt always irritates those who see below the surface."
James Bryant Conant

Recently (September 2011) Wayne Ivey, FDLE's Resident Agent In-Charge (Volusia-Brevard counties) retired.

Click here - Agent Ivey's retirement letter

VolusiaExposed.Com became aware of two apparent civilian complaints of official misconduct by Agent Ivey. The first complaint alleged that Agent Ivey was campaigning for Brevard County Sheriff on his FDLE duty hours. The second complaint alleged that Agent Ivey had threatened (via phone call) an ex-fiancee of his son.

VolusiaExposed.Com became aware of the alleged threatening phone call via a confidential source that contacted our website. This confidential source advised us that Agent Ivey's son, Robert Ivey (a FHP Trooper) had been engaged to be married to a Florida State Probation Officer. However, the relationship soured and the engagement was called off. Our confidential source further advised us that after the marriage was called off, the Ivey family requested that certain properties (to include an automobile) provided to the fiancee be returned.

Apparently, the ex-fiancee refused to fully comply with the request for the property's return. In response to her refusal, it has been alleged that, Agent Ivey contacted (by phone) the ex-fiancee at her place of employment (Probation Office) and threatened her should she not return the property.

VolusiaExposed.Com did conduct an investigative inquiry into the confidential informant's allegations. We made contact with the Melbourne probation office and spoke with supervisory staff. We were informed that the ex-fiancee was no longer employed with the probation office, but that she did receive such a threatening phone call. The supervisory staff would not confirm who made the call, and decline to speak further on the incident, stating that it was considered to be a personal matter.

Due to both the confidential informant's information and the confirmation (albeit limited) given by the probation office, we surmised that the FDLE would be interested in investigating these allegations against on of their senior staff members

We invite you to review our written complaint to FDLE and their response.

Click here - Complaint of Ivey making threatening phone call

We then invite you to read the civilian complaint of Agent Ivey campaigning for Brevard County Sheriff on FDLE duty hours.

Click here - Complaint of Ivey campaigning during his FDLE duty hours

VolusiaExposed.Com is left somewhat bewildered on why FDLE did not investigate these matters a little further - at least obtaining written statement(s) from Agent Ivey stating that the allegations were not true.

We felt that maybe such denials were provided by Agent Ivey, so we re-contacted FDLE to ensure that we had been provided with all documents / records in the two above listed investigations. FDLE sent us the below email stating that we had been provided the complete investigative files.

Click here - FDLE email stating that we have the complete investigative files

So apparently, Agent Ivey was not even required to provide a denial to the complaints of official misconduct. What kind of review / investigation is that - especially given the fact that the investigation was "conducted" by Florida's number one law enforcement agency?

Interestingly, FDLE has a motto that can be found on many of their documents - "Committed to: Service - Integrity - Respect - Quality."

We further would like to make you aware that in the following cases (see below) - FDLE opened full investigations. After reading them - ask yourself - were the allegations of misconduct by Agent Ivey properly investigated by FDLE - and if not, why not?

The first investigation involved Agent Giddens recieving an anonymous cell phone call (wonder how Agent Giddens knew the anonymous call came from a cell phone?) about the Okaloosa County Tax Collector driving his government car outside the confines of Okaloosa County to attend a funeral. We invite you to read how detailed an investigation (FDLE case # EL-14-0083) was opened due to this anonymous phone call. We also invite you to read the investigation closely - Agent Giddens has family members involved in his investigation. Was that a conflict of interest?

Click here - FDLE's Investigation into Okaloosa County's Tax Collector

The second investigation involved following up on an "internet rumor". We shall allow the below media article to speak for itself, but notice, the rumor is NOT about possible corruption of an FDLE Agent, but rather about the involvement of a police officer in a murder.

Click here - FDLE investigates internet rumor

We believe the next investigation - answers some of our above concerns / questions - In our opinion, FDLE has a rather long history of not being able to effectively and honestly investigate allegations of criminal or official misconduct, that might in some way attach any political ramifications to FDLE personnel. Maybe, it's time for more than an FDLE Commissioner to "step down". What do you think?

Click here - FDLE refusal to properly investigate Boot Camp death / FDLE Commissioner steps down

LASTLY, we invite you to review our concerns on whether Agent Ivey's run for Brevard County Sheriff was (or is) a violation of the Federal Hatch Act. Did FDLE officials assist in the violation? Did a possible Hatch Act violation influence Agent Ivey's retirement? Read the documents and develop you own opinion.

Click here - VolusiaExposed's web page questioning Mr. Ivey's compliance with the Hatch Act