Brevard Judge Calls Police Officer's Credibility Into Question

Local State Attorney Continues To Prosecute Defendant

Does The State Attorney Have Different Standards When The Police Provide False Statements?

July 6, 2016
"It is the spirit and not the form of law that keeps justice alive." - Earl Warren


If you happen to be a long time reader of VolusiaExposed.Com - you should be well aware of our series of articles titled - "In The Defense Of Dana Delaney Loyd".


Mrs. Loyd was arrested by the Brevard County Sheriff Department in August 2015 under the charge of calling in a false report to the DCF child abuse hotline.

VolusiaExposed.Com opines - within our above articles - that Loyd had a solid reason, and an honest belief, regarding her concerns for the safety of a pre-teen girl.

Several other individuals also made similiar calls to the DCF abuse hotline regarding this particular child - but - apparently due to an active judicial gag order - the child has NOT been interviewed by either DCF or law enforcement officials regarding these disturbing allegations (see our above linked 2-17-2016 Article # 5 - see documents 2 & 3).

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Judge Stephen Koons' Ruling Regarding
Officer Steven Tagye's Lack Of Credibility

Double Standards OR Hypocrisy At It's Finest?
When Police Officer Credibility Is Of Little Importance To The State Attorney's Office

While the local State Attorney's office apparently has taken a "zero tolerance" approach regarding Mrs. Loyd's usage of a ficitious name in her call to the Florida Abuse Hotline - this same State Attorney seems to have a rather high tolerance for police officers that falsely testify and / or submit false reports. The case in point (see above scroll box) the judicially recognized false testimony and false reporting of Rockledge Police Officer Steven Tagye - during the March 7th, 2015 arrest of Mr. Thomas Callin.

In a February 5, 2016 email response to VolusiaExposed.Com - State Attorney Phil Archer stressed "the importance of truthfulness in every detail" - regarding their on-going prosecution of Mrs. Loyd - with little doubt using the inference that Loyd's usage of a ficitious name - made her DCF report a falsified report.

The Thomas Callin Incident
Rockledge Police Ofc. Steven Tagye's
Credibility Comes Into Judicial Question

From our viewpoint - State Attorney Phil Archer doesn't hold Brevard's police officers and sheriff deputies to his "importance of truthfulness in every detail" standard - to the same degree he wishes to hold citizens like Chief Editior (BrevardsBestNews.Com) Dana Delaney Loyd to. While Loyd is being prosecuted for using a ficticious name during an abuse hotline call - Rockledge Officer Steven Tagye is facing no criminal charges or administrative investigations into his adjudicated usage of false testimony and false reports in the Callin arrest.

In fact - the City of Rockledge recently declared Officer Tagye the employee of the year. --->

Congratulations Officer Tagye (sarcasm intended) your apparent lack of credibility seems to be securing you a comfortable career within the Rockledge PD.. It has also earned you our first placement on our Brevard Brady Cop List !

Mrs. Loyd - your critical review of the corrupt practices within the Brevard Criminal Justice System only seems to be unjustly assigning you to an uncomfortable prison cell.

Is this how justice is defined in Brevard County, Florida ?

Stand by to stand by - we anticipate writing more on the Thomas Callin prosecution - and you can bet that there will be more on the Dana Delaney Loyd prosecution.



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